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Whether you’re interested in the full 62-mile Tour de Boerne challenge or something shorter, our courses are full of greenery, waterways and pastoral charm only the Hill Country can offer.

Luckenbach – 62 mile

You’re in it for the long haul. The 62-mile course takes you through the heart of the Hill Country—and some of its most challenging elevations. You’ll reach the highest altitude of 1,939 feet just past the 20-mile point, with lots of peaks and descents throughout the course. Snake across Joshua Creek and the Guadalupe River, with Mt. Alamo and Schleicher Mountain looming large in the background.

Length: 61.7 Miles
Elevation Gain:  3356 ft


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Strava 2022 Luckenbach Road Cycling Route

RideWithGPS 2022 Luckenbach

Fit 2022 Luckenbach – COMING SOON

Comfort – 39 mile

Are you ready for this? The 39 mile course is full of climbs and descents with the highest altitude of 1,795 feet just past the 10-mile mark. Throughout the ride, you’ll pass Joshua Creek, Cypress Creek, and the Guadalupe River. And as a little treat: this course takes you right through Comfort, Texas, where you’ll get a first-hand glimpse of small-town Texas charm—all from the seat of your bike.

Length: 39.23 Miles
Elevation Gain:  2595 ft


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Coffee Hollow Rollers – 25 mile

Let’s do this! The 25-mile course gives you a taste of Tour de Boerne without the extreme distance. Reach the highest altitude of 1,891 fee around the halfway mark, but expect sprints and downhill coasts throughout the ride. Zoom past Schleicher Mountain, ride alongside the Guadalupe River, and take in the gorgeous splendor of the Hill Country as you go.

Length: 25.3 Miles
Elevation Gain:  1376.64 ft


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